ORIGO; Norwegian Companies as Centre for Global Supply Chain Management


The participants of the project are:


O. Mustad & Søn is the largest manufacturer and supplier of fish hooks worldwide with a 25% market share. Mustad offers approximately 12.000 different packed hooks, and the Mustad brand has a very strong market position. In addition to fish hooks, Mustad also supplies fishing tackles and other fishing equipment.

The Mustad Group has at the present subsidiaries for manufacturing and distribution in eight countries across the world: Norway, China, USA, The Dominican Republic, Singapore, The Philippines, Portugal, and Brazil. Mustad has in total approx. 900 employees. The company headquarter is in Gjøvik, Norway, where corporate management, product development and marketing are located. Primary markets are North America, Europe and South East Asia.

Mustad is a family-owned company with a history dating back to 1832, when Hans Skikkelstad established a company for manufacturing nails and other metal products in Gjøvik. In 1877 they started to explore the opportunities of manufacturing fish hooks and soon became expert hook makers. Later, the company invented the first automated fish hook machine, which was a large step from the traditional hand craft.

Mustad has been an international company from an early stage, with numerous foreign establishments and large exports from the early 1900s. At the present Mustad are selling its products to more than 160 countries worldwide. External sales in 2005 was 317 mill NOK.


Stokke is a Norwegian furniture company that was established in 1932. Today they focus on modern and functional chairs that provide well-being for the user. For more then 60 years Stokke has worked together with some of Scandinavia’s most important designers, and they was one of the first furniture companies in Norway that used external designers. The company is located in Skodje.

Stokke has earned much of its reputation through a very successful collection of items for children. The chair Tripp Trapp has since early 1970s revolutionized how children experienced life around the table and is also the most popular Stokke item to date. In the future Stokke has decided to concentrate its production about The Children Collection, which consists of a range of products designed especially for children. Stokke has also a strategic focus on offering complete solutions of children products to dealers. Products as cribs and baby buggy are included in the portfolio.

Stokke’s primary market is Europe, and they also have sales in Asia, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Total sales in 2005 was 540 MNOK.


Hydro Aluminium Structures 
Hydro Aluminium Structures is one of the largest suppliers of aluminium products to the automobile industry. As one of the world leading integrated aluminium companies, they can provide their customers products of high quality. The company has contracts with broadly speaking all of the most important actors in the automotive market worldwide, and they produce 70 different models.

The main production take place at Raufoss (Norway), Skultuna (Sweden), Loviere (France), Worster (UK), Holland (US) and Wackersdorf (Germany). They have sales offices in Europe, Asia and America. The primary markets are North, South and Central Europe with Audi, BMW, Daimler Crystler, GM, Renault, Nissan, Citroen, Jaguar and Volvo as the most important customers.


Published October 2, 2006

A research project supported by the Research Council of Norway