ORIGO; Norwegian Companies as Centre for Global Supply Chain Management

ORIGO; Norwegian Companies as Centre for Global Supply Chain Management

Norwegian companies have to an ever increasing extent decided to establish part of their production abroad. Lower production and distribution costs and access to new markets are some reasons to this trend. When supply chains become global, new challenges arise. Moving part of the production out of the country makes supply chains more complex and the companies have to collaborate with more and more actors. ORIGO’s aim is to develop methodologies and tools which strengthen Norwegian companies’ ability in global supply chain management.

Industry participants are the fish hook producer O. Mustad & Søn, the furniture producer Stokke and Hydro Aluminium Structures which is a supplier of aluminium products for the automobile industry. SINTEF Technology and Society, department for Logistics is engaged as the main research partner.

The project supported by The Research Council of Norway started in 2006 and was completed in 2008. For more information about the project and its results, see contact information on the right.

About User-Driven Research Projects (BIP)

ORIGO is a user-driven innovation project (No: Brukerstyrt innovasjonsprosjekt, BIP). In the BIP program, The Research Council of Norway gives financial support to commercially important projects that have significant potential for innovation and sustainable value creation. The programme allows the companies’ own strategies to be focused and promotes close cooperation between companies and research communities.

Read more about user-driven research based innovation projects (BIA).

Project manager

Global Supply Chain Manager, Mustad
Phone: 61 13 78 65

Project manager R&D

Research Director, SINTEF
Phone: 73 59 39 07

Project coordinator R&D

Research Engineer, SINTEF
Phone: 73 55 06 98

A research project supported by the Research Council of Norway