Stiftelsen SINTEF is an independent research institution affiliated to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). It is a multidisciplinary contract research organisation that performs research and development in technology. SINTEF has around 2100 employees (2011), and a total turnover of 365 M€ in 2010.

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry is a division within the SINTEF Group with 500 employees, and around 30 associated professors, covering fundamental and industrial research related to materials and processes.

The new energy solutions group within the Department of Energy Conversion ad Materials (DECM) has specialized in electrochemical energy conversion technologies. The main focus is on research related to PEM fuel cells and electrolysis cells and inorganic material chemistry. Other activities include alkaline fuel cells and electrodes, ion-selective electrodes, modelling of electrochemical systems, novel materials for solar cells, CO2 capture and storage and ceramic processing for different applications.

The group is highly experienced with various electrochemical and physical characterisation techniques. In the area of PEM fuel cells and electrolysers, recent research activities have focus on studies of degradation of PEM fuel cells and synthesis and characterization of new electrocatalysts / support materials for PEM water electrolysers. In situ characterisation is mainly based on electrochemical techniques and local temperature measurements together with online monitoring of fluoride emission rate from effluents of PEM fuel cells by utilization of a fluoride selective electrode (SINTEF SINTALYZER system).

The main tasks attributed and previous experiences
SINTEF will be responsible for the project coordination and technical management. SINTEF has long experience in both participating in – and coordinating – EU projects. DECM is today coordinating 6 projects supported by FP7. SINTEF will lead the development of new materials for electro-catalysts and novel membranes and will be responsible for the tasks developing anode with a main focus on development of suitable support materials for the catalysts. SINTEF will also contribute with it’s in depth knowledge of electrochemical systems in developing new MEAs.

SINTEF has a proven track record in the successful completion of several national as well as European projects within electrocatalysis, development of PEM fuel cells and diagnostic tools for fuel cells. Currently, the new energy solutions group has close to 2mill. € project portfolio within these areas. SINTEF has together with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology a range of well equipped laboratories for synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured catalyst and a range of diagnostic tools for studying electrochemical processes in PEM electrolysers.

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Published March 11, 2013