The MPOWER Tool Chain - Enabling Rapid Development of Standards-based and Interoperable HomeCare Applications
Ståle Walderhaug, Erlend Stav, and Marius Mikalsen. Norsk Informatikk Konferanse (NIK), Oslo, October 2007, TAPIR, 2007, pp. 103-7.


There is a need for new models for providing care to the increasing number of elderly in the world. Technological solutions are being developed to assist the elderly in their homes, and the caregivers managing the care. However, the development of these solutions is complex and expensive, and new techniques should be applied to reduce the development costs. Reuse of interoperable services is an effective solution that can be realised using a model-driven development process for the homecare domain. This paper presents the results from the MPOWER project where UML has been used to incorporate domain knowledge into tools that automises the technical implementation through model transformation and code generation. 

Published November 20, 2007

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