The following are publicly available reports from the MPOWER project.

D1.1 Overall architecture

A core deliverable from the MPOWER Project is the architectural specifications of the services and components that will enable developers to rapidly create new and interoperable applications to support elderly and cognitive disabled in a smart-house environment.

The technological components of the MPOWER solution are comprised of four core parts: 1) MDSD (Model-Driven Software Development) Healthcare Framework, 2) MPOWER Architecture, 3) MPOWER UML Extensions, and 4) MPOWER Middleware. In addition, MPOWER Applications (5) will be developed using the MDSD Healthcare Framework and the MPOWER Middleware.

Further details are available in the report.: D1.1 Overall Architecture PDF

D1.2 Developer's handbook

The main goal of the MPOWER project is to create a middleware platform allowing rapid development and deployment of distributed and integrated innovative services addressed to support elderly and cognitively disabled people’s everyday activities. The MPOWER middleware services will be applied by software developers for creating their applications. MPOWER offers relevant services to create applications. Software developers must know how to use them as also how to integrate them efficiently, as the main purpose of its usage is speeding up the development process. The MPOWER platform is based on SOA architecture, so by using the MPOWER services application developers reap the benefits brought to them both by the MPOWER platform and the Service Oriented Architecture.

To facilitate the work with the MPOWER platform, the Developer's Handbook has been created, serving as a guide for MPOWER-based application developers. These developer guidelines has been created based on the experiences gained in the MPOWER project, by the projects own developers. The guidelines are a compilation of the process that we have applied in order to build the two MPOWER applications using the MPOWER platform. As such, these guidelines are built on real life experiences.

Further details are available in the report.: D1.2 Developer's Handbook PDF

D8.2 Socio-economic, regulatory and policy studies  

This report presents a survey covering socio-economic, regulatory and policy information from the 8 countries represented in the consortium. It identifies  how the M•POWER services can affect the end-users, focusing on how sustainable services can be established for an increasing group of patients at a reasonable cost.

Further details are available in the report: D8.2 Socio-economic, regulatory and policy studies.

Published January 12, 2007

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