Improving Systems Interoperability with Model-Driven Software Development for HealthCare
Ståle Walderhaug, Marius Mikalsen, Gunnar Hartvigsen, Erlend Stav, and Jan Aagedal. Medinfo, Brisbane, Austrlia, 129, IOS Press, 2007, pp. 122-6.


An aging population and an increase in chronically ill patients demand teamwork treatment models. To support these with information systems, interoperability is a prerequisite. Model-driven software development (MDSD) with special healthcare extensions can enable reuse of components and improve conformance to international standards.  In this paper, a MDSD HealthCare Framework is proposed and demonstrated for homecare services. Using the framework, information systems will improve their conformance to international standards and the interoperability with other systems.

Published August 22, 2007

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