Data Management in an Intelligent Environment for Cognitive Disabled and Elderly People
Grzegorz Loniewski, Emilio Lorente Ramon, Ståle Walderhaug, Sixto Martinez Franco, Juan Jose Cubillos Esteve, and Eduardo Sebastian Marco. In eHealth 2008 Conference Proceedings, London, UK, September 8-9, 2008, Springer 2008


Recently intelligent and personalized medical systems tend to be one of the most important branches of the health-care domain, playing a great role in improving the quality of life of people that want to feel safe and to be assisted not regarding the place they are. This paper presents an innovative way of data management based on a middleware platform providing services for fast and easy creation of applications dealing with the problems of taking care of patients in their homes. The work was carried out as a part of the MPOWER project, funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme, and carried out by a multinational development team. The project focuses on supporting activities of daily living and provides services for elderly and cognitive disabled, e.g. people with dementia. The MPOWER platform is designed to facilitate rapid development of a variety of applications and adopt them to specific users’ needs. The paper introduces the whole platform, its functionality and principal goals along with the architectural background of data management, focusing on the different types of data that the system has to manage and analyze. The last section concludes the work done on the project.

Published September 9, 2008

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