Project dissemination
The primary objective of the MicroActive project has been to develop a point of care diagnostic test intended for use in a doctor’s clinic or surgery. Obviously effective dissemination of the project’s activities, progress and outcomes is integral to the ultimate success of the end product diagnostic test.

The dissemination activities undertaken by each partner and the consortium as a whole are predominantly through the following channels:

  • Scientific publications – technical articles, clinical articles 
  • Research community & business
  • Doctors’ conferences and networks
  • Distribution of informative material at medical conferences/meetings
  • Education - Microtechnology courses at graduate level
  • Popular / press articles (as the project results are of obvious public interest)
  • Project web-page

The Publishable Final Activity report from the project summarize the major findings and results.

Examples of dissemination activities

eHealth - Monthly Focus June 2009: Improving cancer Diagnosis in Europe
Project information, ICT for Health – Resource book of eHealth Projects (FP6)
Project presentation
Tracing pre-cancer, Press release - IMM, 30 Oct 2008
Products presentation, email from BioFluidix to potential customers in front of Analytica 2008 (March)
Project Data sheet, Automatic Detection of Disease Related Molecular Cell Activity, IMM (2008)
Cervical Screening Research Consortium, Press release - Coombe, 1 Nov 2006


Web-TV from pHealth 2009 workshop

Morten Borch, SINTEF: Invitro diagnostics platforms of the future


Frank Karlsen, NorChip AS: Business case POCNAD (in Norwegian)

Published December 12, 2008