Stiftelsen SINTEF is an independent multidisciplinary contract research organisation that performs research and development in technology. SINTEF has more than 1800 employees (2012), and a total turnover of 395 M€ in 2012.

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry is a division within the SINTEF Group with 500 employees, covering fundamental and industrial research related to materials and processes. The New Energy Solutions group within Department of Sustainable Energy Technology is specialized in electrochemical energy conversion technologies. The main focus is on research related to PEM fuel cells and electrolysers and inorganic material chemistry. The group is highly experienced with various electrochemical and physical characterisation techniques. The flow technology group within the Department of Oil and Gas Process technology is specialized in reactive multiphase systems. The main focus of the group is to understand complex large- and small scale phenomena and their interaction (i.e. multiscale modeling) in such system. The modeling of reactive multiphase systems relies upon cross-disciplinary knowledge, typically involving disciplines such as thermodynamics, chemistry, hydrodynamics and numerics. Although the main focus is on mathematical modeling, a great deal of activities also link toward acquisition of experimental data for validation of and development of new models.

The main tasks attributed and previous experiences
SINTEF will be responsible for the project coordination and technical management and the dissemination and exploitation strategy. SINTEF has a long experience in both participating in – and coordinating – EU projects and the research group is today participating in several FCH-JU projects, from development of new catalysts for PEM fuel cells to demonstration of fuel cell vehicles. SINTEF will be WP leader for WP01 and responsible for the LCA analysis in this WP.

SINTEF has a proven track record in the successful completion of several national as well as European projects within electrocatalysis, development of PEM fuel cells and diagnostic tools for fuel cells. Currently, the new energy solutions group has close to 2mill. € project portfolio within these areas. SINTEF has together with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology a range of well-equipped laboratories for synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured catalyst and a range of diagnostic tools for studying electrochemical processes in PEM electrolysers.

Published March 11, 2013

This project has received funding's from the European Union's Seventh Framework Program, Fuel cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 621233