ITM Power (Trading) Ltd

ITM Power (Trading) Ltd is an innovative company committed to clean sustainable energy solutions based around water electrolysis using Polymer-Electrolyte-Membrane (PEM) technologies. ITM has grown from its original platform of novel hydrophilic polymeric electrolytes (for water electrolysis and hydrogen fuel cells) to that of a technology provider. ITM now has both a strong base of intellectual property and engineering expertise for providing hydrogen solutions. ITM was established in 2002 and has undergone the transition from research to commercialisation for a first wave of electrolyser products, launched for sale in 2011.

ITM has grown from 3 key staff in 2002 to 65 staff in 2013. ITM have two dedicated research and development facilities. The first facility is dedicated to fundamental research, including membrane and catalyst development and testing, it has 24/7 testing capability with 140 electrolysers test stations and a dedicated fuel cell laboratory, it also hosts analytical equipment including; ICPMS, TOC, Instron, Potentiostat, GC and DSC. The production/scale up facility has engineering capabilities including CNC machinery; stack manufacture room and testing facilities.

The main tasks attributed and previous experiences:
ITM will leader the work concerning stack design and stack testing. ITM's will carry out significant practical work on cell design, testing of components, cell characterisation, stack testing and HazOP reviews, building and testing (electrochemical and mechanical) of stacks, performance analysis. In addition, ITM will be perform the assembly of the final stack prototype.
ITM has substantial experience in electrolyser design. ITM are currently involved in a number of single company, and collaborative projects both national and European including Phaedrus – High Pressure Hydrogen All Electrochemical Decentralized RefUeling Station (JTI 2011.1.8) which involves 700bar refuelling for vehicles, EcoIsland – Development and build of two refuelling stations on the Isle of Wight funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board and several market study projects.

Published March 11, 2013

This project has received funding's from the European Union's Seventh Framework Program, Fuel cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 621233