As the activity level is increasing in the Arctic, there is also a growing focus on safety and efficiency of maritime and marine operations. Support systems based on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and digital communication are being developed and taken into use. However, the environmental and space conditions in and over the Arctic opposes navigation and communication systems to challenges different from other places on earth. Ionospheric and atmospheric effects, harsh weather conditions leading to rapid vessel movements, icing on antennas and other outdoor equipment, low elevation angles, poor ground based communication infrastructure and system architectures are elements that have an effect on the total performance of the navigation and communication systems. MARENOR will develop a tool for total quality of service assessment on such systems. This will be achieved through measurement campaigns and analysis.

MARENOR started February 2012 and will continue for three years, until February 2015.

EMGS is project owner, MARINTEK is project manager.

The project is sponsored by the Research Council of Norway, the MAROFF programme, and industry partners.

The project includes 5 work packages:

 WP 1 - Pre- analyses

WP 2 - Test specification

WP 3 - Installation

WP 4 - Analysis

WP 5 - Business plan, communication and dissemination


Work package structure

Published March 30, 2012