The main objective of MARENOR - Maritime Radio System Performances in the High North - is to quantify the system performance of the most common navigation and communication systems being used by maritime users in the High North.

 This will be achieved through measurement campaigns and analyses of:

  • System architecture
  • Signal propagation (L-, C-, Ku- og Ka-band)
  • Signal degrading factors (ionosphere, atmosphere, ship movements, position, icing on antennas)

 The expected result is a model and a tool for quality of system assessment on navigation and communication performance at high latitudes.


  • Visiting UniS and Kjell Henriksen Observatory at Svalbard
  • Initial tests on MV Atlantic Guardian
  • Kick-off at EMGS premises on the 29th of February
  • Events

    • Workshop WP1 - Pre analyses
    • Kick-off 29th of February 2012


    Beate Kvamstad, project manager, , +47 922 22 240