Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage (SACS)

- an offshore demonstration at the Sleipner field


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The Latrobe Formation in the Gippsland basin (SE Australia) as a potential reservoir for underground CO2-storage. Zweigel & Lindeberg 2003. (PDF 1.7 MB)

Rock mechanical tests of shale samples from the cap rock of the Utsira Sand in well 15/9-A11 – A contribution to the Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage (SACS) project. Pillitteri et al. 2003.  (PDF 1.7MB)

Seismic mapping and simulation of CO2 migration in the upper Utsira sand wedge east of the Sleipner injection site – A contribution to the Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage (SACS) project. Hamborg et al. 2003.  (PDF 1.4MB)

Studies on the likelihood for caprock fracturing in the Sleipner CO2 injection case – A contribution to the Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage (SACS) project. Zweigel & Heill 2003.  (PDF 2.0MB)

Mineralogical, geochemical and petrographical characterisation of Nordland Shale cores from well 15/9-A11, Sleipner field, northern North Sea. Kemp et al. 2002. (PDF 4.9MB).

A palynological study of the lowermost Nordland Shale Formation in Norwegian Well 15/9-A11 at 906.00 m. Riding 2002. (PDF 168 KB).

Petroacoustics of poorly consolidated reservoir rocks saturated with CO2/methane/brine mixtures. Mougin et al., 2002. Extended abstract (PDF 368 KB / 10 pages)   Full report (PDF 677 KB / 27 pages)

Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage Project, SACS, Phase II - Task 3.2: Geochemical laboratory experiments. Springer et al. 2002. (PDF 1.2 MB)

Geochemical interactions between supercritical CO2 and the Utsira caprock. I: Introduction to fluid-rock interaction experiments. C.A. Rochelle (2002). British Geological Survey Commissioned Report, CR/02/238, 19 p.

Preliminary modelling of the geochemical impact of CO2 injection on the caprock at Sleipner. Gaus et al. 2002. (PDF 254 KB)

The solubility of supercritical CO2 into pure water and synthetic Utsira porewater. Rochelle & Moore 2002. (PDF 1.7 MB)

Geochemical interactions between supercritical CO2 and the Utsira Formation: an experimental study. Rochelle et al. 2002. (PDF 4.5 MB)

The effect of time-depth conversion procedure on key seismic horizons relevant for underground CO2 storage in the Sleipner field (North Sea). Zweigel & Hamborg 2002. (PDF 2.6 MB).

SACS, Task 1.4: Evaluation of cap rock sealing the reservoir. Clay mineralogy investigation of core and cuttings from the Ekofisk and Sleipner areas. Lindgren et al. 2002. (PDF 513 KB).

Microseismic monitoring feasibility study (BRGM). Fabriol (Nov 2001). (PDF 3.4 MB)

Depth mapping and characterisation of the Utsira Sand Saline Aquifer, Northern North Sea. Kirby et al. 2001. (PDF 3.6 MB).

The Neogene Utsira Sand and its seal in the Viking Graben area, North Sea. Gregersen & Johannessen 2001. (PDF 4.5 MB)

Mineralogical characterisation of the Nordland Shale, UK Quadrant 16, northern North Sea. Kemp et al. 2001. (PDF 5.01 MB)

The Tertiary uplift and subsidence pattern of Fennoscandia and the adjacent offshore areas (Literature survey report). Zweigel 2001. (PDF 472 KB)

GEODISC Monitoring-experiment report 1. McKenna et al. 2001. (PDF 13.7 MB)

Multi-component seismic monitoring of CO2 gas cloud in the Utsira Sand: A feasibility study (Report Work Area 5.6) . Liu et al. (April 2001). (PDF 1586 KB)

Work Area 5 - Gravity monitoring o fthe CO2 bubble. Williamson et al. (May 2001). (PDF 1052 KB)

Characterisation of the Nordland Shale in the Sleipner area by XRD analysis - A contribution to the Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage (SACS) project. Bøe, R., & Zweigel, P. (Feb. 2001). (PDF 547 KB)

Reservoir geology of the storage units in the Sleipner CO2 injection case. Zweigel et al (Dec 2000). (ZIP 13.5 MB). Main report only. (PDF 7926 KB)

Impact of subsurface heterogeneities on the CO2 storage potential of aquifers. Odling, N.E. & Bonnet, E. (Dec 2000). (PDF 6516 KB)

The natural fluid flow in the storage reservoir. Kristensen, L. & Bilstrup, T (Dec 2000). (PDF 505 KB)

CO2-volume calculations based on time-lapse seismic data. Arts, R. (Nov. 00). (PDF 170 KB)

Seismic anomaly maps. Zweigel, P. (Nov. 2000). (PDF 1553 KB)

Note on seismic data. Arts, R. (Oct 2000) NITG-TNO report NITG 00-237-B. 18 p., restricted.  (PDF 1335 KB)

Ppt-presentation of seismic / time-lapse seismic interpretation results (TNO). Arts, R. (Oct 2000).  Part 1  (PDF 3662 KB),  Part 2. (PDF 377 KB)

Prediction of migration of CO2 injected into an underground depository: Reservoir geology and migration modelling in the Sleipner case (North Sea). Zweigel, P., Hamborg, M., Arts, R., Lothe A., & Tømmerås, A. 2000. 5th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, Cairns (Australia), August 2000. File 1 (PDF, 1844 KB), File 2 (PDF, 43 KB), File 3 (PDF, 197 KB)

Simulation of migration of injected CO2 in the Sleipner case by means of a secondary migration modelling tool – A contribution to the Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage project (SACS). Zweigel et al. 2000. SINTEF Petroleum Research report (CD) 23.4285.00/01/00, 63 p., 6 app., confidential. (ZIP 8897 KB)

Impact of subsurface heterogeneities on the CO2 storage potential of aquifers. Intermediate report. Odling, N. E. 2000. Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre, report, 60 pp. (PDF 3.5 MB / 60 pages)

Mineralogical and petrographical characterisation of a 1 m core from the Utsira Formation, Central North Sea. Pearce, J.M., Kemp, S.J., and Wetton, P.D., 1999. BGS Technical Report - Mineralogy & Petrology Series, Report WG/99/24C, 26pp. + 3 plates. (ZIP 23562 KB)

The biostratigraphical and palaeo-ecological application of calcareous microfaunas from the Utsira Formation in Norwegian Well 15/9-A-23. Wilkinson, I. P., 1999. BGS Technical Report – Stratigraphy Series, Report WH/99/124R, 4pp. (PDF 29 KB / 4 pages)

Saline Aquifer CO2 Storage (SACS). Informal annual report 1999 of SINTEF Petroleum Research’s results in work area 1 ‘Reservoir Geology’. Lothe, A.E. & Zweigel, P. 1999. SINTEF Petroleum Research report 23.4300.00/03/99, 54 p. Restricted. (PDF 4.2 MB / 54 pages)

Evaluation of to what extent CO2 accumulations in the Utsira formations are possible to quantify by seismic by August 1999. Lindeberg et al. 1999. SINTEF Petroleum Research report 54.5148.00/01/99, 13p. Restricted. (PDF 181 KB / 13 pages)

Published January 13, 2010