Creating the ideal factory

IDEELL FABRIKK ("Ideal Factory") is a 4 million €, research project running 2008-2011. The research project aims at creating a Norwegian manufacturing concept describing the ideal factory for high-tech and mass customised manufacturing.

Two industrial partners are taking part in the project, KONGSBERG Defence & Aerospace (KDA) and Volvo Aero Norway (VAN). KDA develops and produces high-tech products within communication systems, weapon systems, commando- and control systems, advanced carbon composite materials etc. VAN is a manufacturer of high-tech airplane engine components. Both companies are global players and deliver to highly demanding customers such as the US Department of Defence, Pratt & Whitney, Northrup Grumman, Snecma, General Electric and Airbus to mention a few.

Development and manufacturing of high-tech, knowledge-intensive and sophisticated products within high-demanding industries such as space, aerospace, defence and offshore is foreseen to build the competitiveness of the most developed Western economies in the future. In such industries, suppliers deliver to customers that are powerful and demanding regarding quality, delivery precision, responsiveness, cooperation, leading technology, documentation and competence. Resource intensive product development is essential in order to stay in the market. Furthermore, such markets are characterised by being global markets with few customers and long-time supply contracts, where price is (most often) not an order winner.

However, what probably will become the most important manufacturing paradigm for the Western economies in the future, lack proper theoretical concepts and frameworks for industrialisation. In order to stay competitive in the future there is a need to develop new production concepts with belonging methods, systems and tools for modern high-tech and mass-customised production systems. This we aim to address in IDEELL FABRIKK.

Please see publications for more information in English.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with the Project Manager at KDA or at SINTEF for more information on the project and it's results.

Thank you for your interest in our research project.

Publisert 9. september 2008

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