Recursive - Reduced energy consumption by increased reduction volume

Recursive will contribute with the knowledge needed to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission pr tonne of alloy from production of Si, Si- and Mn-alloys. (Duration: 2021 - 2025)

Photo: Elkem

The main objective in Recursive is to increase the yield of valuable elements and to minimise consumption of energy and carbon by reactions that are not desired.

Topics for the project are:

  • Conditions responsible for slag accumulation
  • The slag properties going from primary slag to tap slag
  • The effect on condensed materials in the low temperature zones
  • The main conditions resulting in bad tapping
  • The effect of softening, melting and dissolution of quartz
  • The formation conditions and properties of carbide banks

Merete Tangstad

Professor (Project leader)
Merete Tangstad
Professor (Project leader)