The following is a list of participants for the 2011 winter school. After registering, your name should appear in the below list within a few days. If it does not appear, feel free to contact

Last name First name Affiliation E-mail
Alyaev Sergey PhD, UiB
Aursand Peder Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet
Bartha Ferenc UiB
Birhanu Zerihun Kinfe Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
Bjørstad Petter UiB
Bringedal Carina UiB
Brodtkorb André R SINTEF ICT
Dabrowski Marcin PGP/UIO
Eftang Jens Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
Ertsås Martin Student
Fjær Sveinung The Norwegian Multiple Sclerosis Competence Centre / UoB
Gisler Galen Ross Physics of Geological Processes, Universitetet i Oslo
Holdahl Runar SINTEF ICT, Applied Mathematics
Johannessen Kjetil Andre NTNU
Johnsen Sverre SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
Kang Mary Princeton University
Kapela Tomasz Uppsala University
Klausen Runhild A. CMA
Kraetzschmar Michael Professor for Applied Mathematics
Krotkiewski Marcin PGP/UIO
Kumar Pawan upmc, paris
Kvamsdal Trond NTNU and SINTEF ICT
Kvarving Arne Morten SINTEF IKT
Larsson Fredrik Chalmers Univ of Technology
Lervåg Karl Yngve NTNU
Lie Knut-Andreas SINTEF ICT
Ligaarden Ingeborg SINTEF
Loneland Atle Institutt for Informatikk, UiB.
Lunati Ivan University of Lausanne
Lund Halvor NTNU
Morin Alexandre NTNU
Mørken Knut Dept. of Informatics & CMA, University of Oslo
Mykkeltvedt Trine Matematisk Institutt, UiB
Nordbotten Jan Martin University of Bergen
Pacio Julio Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Piaskowska Katarzyna CMA, Universitetet i Oslo
Plessis Elsa Du University of Bergen
Rahman Talal Bergen University College
Rognsvåg Silje UiB
Rudshaug Atle Numerical Rocks AS
Runesson Kenneth Chalmers Univ of Technology
Sætra Martin Lilleeng CMA
Shabbir Muhammad Department of Mathematics
Skogestad Jan Ole University of Bergen
Stephansen Annette Uni CIPR, Uni Research
Tambue Antoine Bergen University
Taraldsen Gunnar SINTEF ICT
Thaulow Christian NTNU
Thieulot Cedric UiB
Tråsdahl Øystein Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
Van Brummelen Harald Eindhoven University of Technology
Walker Claudio Institutt for energi- og prosessteknikk, NTNU
Zhuang Xiaoying Department of Structural Engineering, NTNU

Published December 1, 2010