Scientific Meeting
The second eVITA scientific meeting takes place January 21-32, 2008 at Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo. The primary target for the meeting is researchers connected to eVITA, but the meeting is also open for participants from universities, research institutions, government and industry, who are interested in new results, theories and methods from the eVITA program and eScience in general.

Sundag 20 January

13-20:00 Arrival and check-in                                                            
19:30 Dinner


Monday 21 January

09:00 Morten Dæhlen / Gudmund Høst: Opening of the 2nd eScience meeting
09:15 David Keyes - Scientific discovery through advanced computing

Gaute Einevoll -  eNEURO - multilevel modelling and simulation in the nervous system

10:45 Laurent Bertino - Using the EnKF with nonlinear dynamical models
11:30 David Keyes - Petaflop/s, seriously 
12:30 Break  (lunch 12:30-14:00)

Stig W. Omholt -  Bridging the gap: disclosure, understanding and exploitation of the genotype-phenotype mapping

16:00 Jeremy Cook -  eSysBio - an e-science environment for systems biology
16:30 Coffee break
17:00 Helge Drange - The grand challenges in climate modelling, and the Norwegian research strategy to meet some of these challenges
17:30 Plenary discussion: where is eScience going?
19:30 Dinner


Tuesday 22 January

09:00 Galen Gisler  - Simulating violent processes in geophysics
09:30 Nathalie Reuter  - Molecular dynamics simulations of proteins: what are the next challenges?
10:00 Xing Cai  - Simulation of tsunami propagation
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Mats Carlsson - Stellar atmosphere modelling
11:30 Kenneth Ruud  - Computational challenges in quantum chemistry
12:00 Jacko Koster - The new landscape for computational science in Norway
12:30 Lunch
13:39 Train to Oslo
14:40 Train to Bergen

Published September 7, 2006