Participants in 2001 Winter School

Lectureur: Xing Kai

Lectureur: Aslak Tveito

Lectureur: Tor Sørevik

Lectureur: Knut-Andreas Lie

Ledctureur: Åsmund Ødegård

Lectureur: Glenn Terje Linnes

This is how we started; four PCs on top of each other

and Åsmund to explain how to convert them into a cluster

While Åsmund was talking, the audience was listening

... except for Robert....Robert!  Are you sleeping? Too much skiing?

Time for a break (this time a "Power Break" with juice, fruit and vegetables)

This is how we started; three groups each having four PCs, a keyboard, a monitor, and some cables

First group

Second group

Third group

This assignment kept the participants busy

The keyboard typist was changed regularly, so that everybody got a "hands-on" feeling of building clusters

Skiing... Ola,


and Aslak were among those who raced the slopes every day

And Geilo has some slopes to offer..

The food at Dr.Holms was excellent

Trygve and Aslak in animated(?) discussion

Aicha is always smiling...

Per Erik and Jostein heavily engaged in configuring the cluster

Xing taking a well-earned break

A penny for your thoughts, Jan Olav!

Trygve and Martha during the cluster building session

And in the evening we socialized - here in the Recepten bar on a quiet evening

Published October 20, 2010