Identifying challenges and opportunities with new production systems

Senior Research Scientist
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Compareit addresses how new production systems (land-based, floating closed, semi-closed and exposed systems) should be regulated, administered, and where they could best be located. These are highly relevant questions for a sustainable development of the industry that safeguards other societal interests and competing claims to space.

Image: ACE, Rataren / Magnus Oshaug Pedersen

In Work package 1 Production system, the perceptions of the industry actors are key data. Through interviews and workshops, we are currently exploring the following questions:

  1. What are key challenges and opportunities within each production system?
  2. What are key challenges related to regulation of new concepts?
  3. What are considered suitable sites for different production concepts?
  4. What are the distinct or coinciding spatial challenges between the different aquaculture production systems as well as other sectors?

Based on data gather so far, we have started creating a comparative matrix describing challenges and opportunities. In the following months, the matrix will be developed further in collaboration with the Compareit industry partners, who have first-hand experience with the different production system. Potential synergies between the systems will also be identified.

We are looking forward to sharing our findings with you in the future, and encourage anyone interested in this work to contact us.