Construction and intervention vessels for Arctic oil and gas

WP 3 - Design basis for metocean and ice environments

Progress status November 2011
In collaboration with Norwegian Meteorological Office ( MARINTEK arranged additional metocean and ice workshops in Tromsø and Tronddheim. has prepared updated ice data for the Olga basin in the eastern Barents Sea. As an outcome of these meetings the project partners have proposed a follow-up activity to collect long term metocean and ice data for selected locations in the Barents Sea

Since May 2011 PhD Biao Su has been hired in a post-doc position. His work is related to studies of ship handling in ice. He has also taken part in the work to specify an ice management system supporting subsea intervention work from a surfaced based ship in the winter season.

Prepare environmental parameter design guide for selected Arctic regions

Review existing data. Collect subject matter expert opinions on future development of climate in the High North. Discuss applicability of historic data. Review plans for further improvements of metocean and ice forecasts and how improvements will influence weather window calculations. Develop design guide for metocean and ice data for selected Arctic regions.


  • Workshop with metocean and ice experts – Climate change influence
  • Workshop with metocean and ice experts – Improving forecasting models
  • Design guide for metocean and ice

Published September 19, 2008