Author Information

Abstract submission will open November 2019.
All authors with accepted abstracts are encouraged to submit a full paper. The papers will be reviewed and if accepted included in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be filed with ISBN and ISSN numbers.

The scope is exemplified by:

  • CFD Fundamentals and Methodology:
    Meshless methods (DEM,SPH, ...), Population balance methods, Fluid structure interaction, Bubble and droplet dynamics, Lagrangian methods, Turbulence modeling , Fluidized/packed beds, Granular flows, Free surface flow, Multiphase heat and mass transfer, Multilevel/multiscale, Uncertainty quantification, Cut cells, Immersed boundary.
  • Flow & Chemistry:
    Rheology , Emulsion physics, Surfactants and interphases.
  • Measurements for CFD Validations:
    LDA, PIV, UDV, tomography, fiber optics, New techniques, Experimental validation studies, Benchmark cases.
  • Industrial Applications:
    Biochemical processing, Casting and solidification, Chemical looping combustion – CLC, Chemical Reactors, Electrolysis, Emission control, Furnace design, Fouling/Clogging, Heat Exchangers, Jets, sprays and burners, Metal Refining, MHD, Multiphase pipeline transport , Mixing, Oil & Gas, Oil/water separation, Process industries, Process metallurgy, Separation, Stirred tanks, Water treatment, Wind engineering and Plasma technology.
  • Biomechanics:
    Cardiovascular flow, Airway flow, Patient specific simulation, Virtual surgery
Rising gas bubbles