About the project
A multidisciplinary approach in biochar technology development and implementation including the combination of bio- and nano-technology in the biochar production process

Our approach involves the integration of economic, societal and political analysis, including stakeholder involvement in technology development and implementation.

Emphasis is further on the integration of enabling nano- and bio-technology to improve the process and ensure enhanced value of end products that may permit large scale adoption.

 The secondary objectives are:

  • Improve on the technical, economic, political and social factors that currently limit the implementation of biochar in Norwegian agriculture and forestry
  • Increase the value of biochar/bio-oil through process improvements using biotechnology and nanotechnology
  • Develop scenarios for how biochar can be sustainable in Norway (economically, environmentally and socially)
  • Establish a platform demonstrating integrated biochar technology solutions for Norway
  • Ensure the quality of biochar regarding C sequestration, improved soil quality and yield increase
  • Engage stakeholders in the implementation paths for biochar in agriculture and forestry
  • Increase awareness of the potential of biochar as a low cost C sequestration technology

Project period: May 2014 - April 2017

Publisert 9. mars 2015

Contact Maria Kristina Kollberg Thomassen

SINTEF Technology and Society