Picture collage during the spring school in Ischia

The spring school was a big success. The event was held on the premises of the Hermitage Resort & Thermal Spa from April 11th till 14th 2023 in Ischia (Italy). This interactive course entitled ‘From Idea to Multiscale analysis in Chemistry: Modeling and simulation of chemical kinetics’ brought together 29 participants, with a total of 10 different nationalities, from 19 institutes and companies from 8 countries.

Chemical Kinetics and Reactors play a crucial role in industrial-scale, raw material conversion into products. Numerous factors must be considered when selecting an appropriate and efficient chemical reactor, in particular when complex heterogeneous reactions occur. Kinetic modelling is an essential tool for the design and optimization of chemical products and processes.

During this course with a focus of chemical reaction and reactor engineering, ex-cathedra sessions were alternated with interactive tutorials during Python was used as software for the main applications. This interactive course on chemical reaction and reactor engineering was organized by prof. dr. ir. Joris W. Thybaut (Ghent University) and dr. ir. Jeroen Poissonnier (Ghent University) with the support of ir. Reza Monjezi (Ghent University). More information about the course and the program can be found on https://imchem.ugent.be/#intro.