Results from ZEOCAT-3D, C123, and BIZEOLCAT EU research projects.

The webinar, organized by C123 and its  sister EU projects ZEOCAT-3D and BIZEOLCAT, presented the main achievements and technical insights of these, research projects All projects were funded under the topic CE-NMBP-24-2018 "Catalytic transformation of hydrocarbons".

The main concepts covered were:

  • Core technologies innovation

  • Catalysts and reactor performance

  • Feedstock upgrading, technology assessment impacts, and upscaling

The webinar was attended by 23 persons live in Athens and 44 persons online.

14 speakers from the three sister projects gave various lectures.

The agenda and the presentations can also be found here: Final Event | Zeocat-3D

The webinar can also be seen on You-tube.