On September 9th and 10th, 2019, the C123 project held its 6-months progress meeting at SINTEF, Oslo.

C123 participants during the discussion on the process integration

The coordinator welcomed over 28 participants from the 11 consortium partners. The complete consortium had a thorough discussion on the work packages ‘process integration design and validation’ and ‘techno-economic and sustainability assessment’, clearly highlighting the necessary interaction with the other technical work packages. With the bigger picture refreshed in all participants’ minds, the first progress and further planning of the work packages on ‘Oxidative Conversion of Methane’ and ‘Hydroformylation’ were discussed in  parallel, breakout sessions.

The second day consisted of a status update of all work packages by the work packages leaders followed by a dedicated Q&A session on the practical use of the project Sharepoint to facilitate and enhance the efficiency of cooperation during, e.g. reporting.

With everybody on the same page with respect to the scientific and technological aspects of the project, the general assembly and executive board members discussed the management aspects of the C123 project, while the other participants started their journeys home after an intense, but very productive 6M meeting!

Looking forward to interactions within and beyond each WP during the next months and aiming for an as productive 1Y meeting at the premises of PDC in Breda, Netherlands, next February!