EU FP7, Byefouling - Low-toxic cost-efficient environment-friendly antifouling materials

University of Mons
The University of Mons, abbreviated “UMONS”, is a French-speaking university in the Hainaut province of Belgium, near the French-Belgian border.

Within the University, the Research Institute for Biosciences gathers 13 research groups and about 80 researchers working in basic and applied biological sciences. Two of these groups will be more specifically involved in the BYEFOULING project: the laboratory of Biology of Marine Organisms and Biomimetics (BOMB) and the laboratory of Proteomics and Microbiology (ProtMic).

The research works conducted within the laboratory BOMB focus on the different adhesion mechanisms developed by marine invertebrates (larval and adult forms), as well as on the composition and mechanical properties of some marine biomaterials. One of the aims is to gain a precise understanding of marine adhesives and of their role in the biology of the investigated organisms, especially in the settlement and metamorphosis processes. Other topics of interest include marine chemical ecology, marine photoreception and bioluminescence, and aquaculture. The Laboratory ProtMic is involved in the characterisation of biological polymers with a special emphasis on proteins. Other topics of interest include the physiology of microorganisms from extreme environments and the medical applications of proteomics.

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23 Place du Parc, B-7000 Mons, Belgium
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: Patrick Flammang
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Published March 20, 2014