EU FP7, Byefouling - Low-toxic cost-efficient environment-friendly antifouling materials

The AquaBioTech Group
The AquaBioTech Group (ABT) is an independent aquaculture, fisheries and environmental testing / research, consulting, development, and training company operating throughout the world, with expertise in aquaculture, fisheries, marine sciences, etc.

ABT operates globally, specialising in aquaculture research, design and development, from market research through to project feasibility assessments, management, and technology sourcing. ABT operates an independent aquatic biotechnology and aquaculture research and training company with its own dedicated facilities, which can and have been used for any research related to the above sciences.

In addition, ABT also operates a hydrographic division, which utilises a combination of vessels of opportunity, self-owned equipment and out-sourced equipment to carry out a wide range of hydrographic and marine investigation work related to marine archaeology, marine hydrography, navigation safety and marine construction.

The contribution of the AquaBioTech Group to the BYEFOULING project will consist of lab-scale efficacy and eco-toxicity tests of antifouling products, field efficacy tests using antifouling prototypes, an assessment of international regulations pertaining antifouling and biocide products, demonstration of antifouling prototypes on aquaculture operations, together with a business and economic analysis of the BYEFOULING prototypes.

Full name of the organization: AquaBioTech Group
Short name of the organization: ABT
Central Complex, Naggar Street, Targa Gap, Mosta, MST 1761, Malta G.C.
+356 2258 4100
E-mail address
person: Maria-Liza Scicluna
Website address:The AquaBioTech Group 

Published March 28, 2014