Tryg Forsikring


WP2: Decision making and handling of conflicting objectives

The objective of WP2 is to develop principles for organisation of decision-making processes in cooperation rooms to facilitate that safety goals are adequately balanced vis-à-vis other goals.

Inadequate handling of conflicting objectives has been repeatedly identified as a contributing factor in accidents. Moreover, effective utilization of decision support methods requires that the methods are adapted to the decision context where they are used. We want to integrate behavioural and organizational theories of decision making in a way that enables us to understand how conflicting objectives related to safety are handled in decision-making processes in cooperation rooms. This work will build on a contingency model of decision making developed at SINTEF/NTNU. Based on the principles identified, we will seek to establish a set of requirements for training of staff that are going to co-operate within or via co-operation rooms to ensure that safety goals will be adequately prioritized. WP2 will strive to develop a specific training program (at least a partly training program) aimed at facilitating that safety will be adequately prioritized when decisions are made in the context of cooperation rooms. The ambition will be to allow this program to be tested in an experimental study with Eni staff before the completion of the Building Safety project.

Published June 28, 2007

Building Safety in Petroleum Exploration and Production in the Northern Regions