Tryg Forsikring


Work Packages
The work breakdown structure (WBS).


The four first work packages (the main activities) have the same breakdown structure with one minor exception. The exception is that we have included a case description task in WP1, which also will be utilised in the other work packages.

Each of the main activities starts with a problem description task and a literature review, continues with a main task (i.e. study of the problem or research questions identified), and ends with two different result tasks. The first result task is specifically directed towards the case, i.e. the Goliat field, whereas the second result task summerizes the generic knowledge from the WP.

Dissemination of project results is an important activity. Thus, a separate work package (with separate budget) is dedicated to publications (WP5). From each of the main activities (WP1-4) it will be produced two papers; one paper describing pre-liminary results and one paper describing the final results. In addition, it will be produced project memos for each of the tasks in WP1-4, a summary report for each work package and presentation material (as part of the WP1-4 budgets).

Published June 28, 2007

Building Safety in Petroleum Exploration and Production in the Northern Regions