Go::SmoothCurve Member List

This is the complete list of members for Go::SmoothCurve, including all inherited members.

attach(const boost::shared_ptr< SplineCurve > &incurve, int coef_known[], int numSideConstraints=0)Go::SmoothCurve
equationSolve(boost::shared_ptr< SplineCurve > &curve)Go::SmoothCurve
setLeastSquares(std::vector< double > &pnts, std::vector< double > &param_pnts, std::vector< double > &pnt_weights, double weight)Go::SmoothCurve
setOptim(const double weight1, const double weight2, const double weight3)Go::SmoothCurve
setPeriodicity(int cont, double weight)Go::SmoothCurve
setSideConstraints(std::vector< sideConstraint > &constraints)Go::SmoothCurve
SmoothCurve(int dim=3)Go::SmoothCurve

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