Geilo Winter Schools in eScience

The 2017 Geilo Winter School in eScience was on Machine Learning, and was held January 15-20. Almost 130 participants were given an introduction to topics within machine learning, including a tutorial on using Scikit-learn from Python.

The next winter school will be held in Geilo in January 2018. You can stay updated on the topic and program of the next winter school on this webpage, or on our facebook pages. The school will have a new topic, and follow the general setup as the previous schools. Please take a look at the webpages for the previous schools for more information.

The purpose of the winter school is to establish an annual meeting place where young researchers can get updated on new ideas, methods and theories within the eScience feld and collaborate and exchange ideas and experience. Each winter school consists of a series of 24-30 lectures (45 minutes each), and the school will start on Sunday January 15th with an afternoon lecture, and last until Friday January 20th after lunch. The schedule consists of a morning lecture each day, a long mid-day break suitable for social activities and skiing, and two afternoon lectures. In the evening, all participants dine together. There is also a poster session scheduled for Thursday afternoon. The school is adapted to fit well with the train schedule from both Bergen and Oslo.

The lectures will be held in Dr. Holms Hotel, a distinguished hotel from 1909 located right next to the ski slopes in Geilo. Geilo is renowned as one of the best winter sports resorts in Northern Europe, located in the mountains between Oslo and Bergen (approximately 4 hours by train from each city). Geilo lies at an altitude of 800 meters with its highest alpine slope starting at 1178 meters above sea level.

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Time and place

  • January 2018
  • Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo, Norway