Publications within maritime logistics and the TurboRouter development

The TurboRouter project has in addition to the development of a fleet scheduling software also resulted in a number of academic contributions. The following list shows a number of articles that have been published in refereed journals or in conference proceedings:

  • K. Fagerholt, J. E. Korsvik and A. Løkketangen (2008) Ship routing and scheduling with persistence and distance objectives. Accepted for publication in Innovations in Distribution Logistics, of the series Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, Springer.
  • M. Christiansen and K. Fagerholt (2008) Maritime inventory routing problems. Accepted for publication in Encyclopedia of Optimization, 2nd edition, C. A. Floudas and P. M. Pardalos (eds).
  • K. Fagerholt and H. Lindstad (2007) TurboRouter: An interactive optimisation-based decision support system for ship routing and scheduling. Maritime Economics and Logistics 9, 214-233.
  • M. Christiansen, K. Fagerholt, B. Nygreen and D. Ronen (2007) Maritime Transportation. Invited chapter to Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science, Volume 14: Transportation, 189-284.
  • G. Brønmo, M. Christiansen and K. Fagerholt and B. Nygreen (2007) A multi-start local search heuristic for ship scheduling - A computational study. Computers & Operations Research 34, 900-917.
  • M. Christiansen, K. Fagerholt and D. Ronen (2004) Ship routing and scheduling – status and perspectives. Transportation Science 38(1), 1-18.
  • K. Fagerholt (2004) A computer-based decision support system for vessel fleet scheduling – Experience and future research. Decision Support Systems 37(1), 35-47.
  • K. Fagerholt (2004) Designing optimal routes in a liner shipping problem. Maritime Policy and Management 31(4), 259-268.
  • M. Christiansen and K. Fagerholt (2002) Robust ship scheduling with multiple time windows. Naval Research Logistics 49, 611-625.
  • K. Fagerholt and B. Rygh (2002) Design of a sea-borne system for fresh water transport – A simulation analysis. Belgian Journal of Operations Research, Statistics and Computer Science 40(3-4), 137-146.
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  • K. Fagerholt, A. Loktu and S. I. Heimdal (2000) Shortest path in the presence of obstacles – An application to ocean shipping. Journal of the Operational Research Society 51(6), 683-688.
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  • K. Fagerholt (1999) A simulation study on the design of flexible cargo holds in small sized bulk ships. Maritime Policy and Management 26(2), 105-109.

Published February 29, 2008