Trondheimsfjorden Test Area for Autonomous Ships

The NAVISP Element 3 contribution to Trondheimsfjorden will allow the establishment of a comprehensive infrastructure. Establishing maritime broadband radio (MBR) will support Galileo high precision – high integrity services for the test area, as well as re-distribution of EGNOS. Two-way, high capacity data links will be available to enable concepts of “crowd sensing”, including collecting GNSS data from users into the regional GNSS integrity concept.

The vision of the Trondheimsfjorden initiative is to: "Leading the transformation of shipping"

It is based on the need to actively drive a transformation rather than just wait for it to happen. The maritime business is traditionally conservative and there are many obstacles for innovation and adaptation of technology.

This project will develop an infrastructure and methods for testing and verification of technologies for new transport systems based on autonomy. This will ensure verification of high level of security, safety and operability, and to build trust amongst the general public. 


From space to ocean
From space to ocean