MGGDB / MGVAL benchmark
Here you find instance definitions and the best known upper and lower bounds (to our knowledge) for the 138 instances of the mggdb benchmark and the 150 instances of the mgval benchmark derived from the CARP by Bosco et al. (2013) [1].

The original benchmark instances proposed in [1] do not contain any service cost for servicing the demand in required nodes, edges and arcs. We have added a service cost to these instances equal to the demand. This is done so that these benchmark instances are in the same format as the CBMix/BHW/DI-NEARP benchmark instances.

Service cost may also be beneficial for certain solution methods where covering constraints for required nodes, edges and arcs are more effective than equality constraints, and when studying problems that are extensions of the MCGRP, like the MCGRP with route balance.




[1] A. Bosco, D. Lagana, R. Musmanno, and F. Vocaturo. Modeling and solving the mixed capacitated general routing problem. Optimization Letters, October 2013, Volume 7, Issue 7, pp 1451-1469.

Published June 22, 2012