The main vision of ThinSi is to develop a solar cell process chain for high throughput, cost-effective manufacturing of thin Si based solar cells on low-cost Si substrates. A set of innovative technological processes will be developed to realise this new concept and transfer the results it into production.
The vision will be realised by the following specific objectives:

  • To develop innovative methods for fabrication of low-cost Si based substrates
  • To develop a process flow and advanced equipment for cost-effective fabrication of thin Si solar cells on low-cost Si based substrates, and assembly into modules
  • To analyse the electronic properties of individual solar cell materials and their interfaces as well as the relationship between the deposition parameters and the device properties
  • To develop new methods for optical confinement
  • To implement the “powder-to-substrate” concept based process flows to existing industrial lines

Published April 7, 2010