Scope and Objective

The 9th Trondheim Conference will focus on research and development regarding CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS). The objective of the conference is to bring forward, present and discuss work undertaken within R&D institutions, universities and in industry. Abstracts are invited to cover the entire value chain of CCS technology development. Potential topics are (but not limited to)

  • Pre-combustion capture
    Absorption/adsorption and membranes
  • Post-combustion capture
    Absorption/adsorption and membrane
    Other techniques
  • Oxy-fuel capture
    Oxygen production
  • CCS and hydrogen combinations 
  • CCUS
  • Effects of gas impurities
    Corrosion and materials
  • Storage
    Site screening and site monitoring
    Leakage detection, mitigation, remediation
    Well drilling and completion
  • CO2 EOR
  • International R&D activities incl. pilot and large-scale activities
  • Novel technologies
  • Public acceptance and communication
  • CCS whole system issues
    Risk and value chain assessment, and system analysis

From the auditorium TCCS-8. (Photo:  SINTEF/Erik Børseth)


Outside the auditorum TCCS-8 (Photo: SINTEF/Erik Børseth)