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Research Director

Title of keynote:

Norwegian CCS Research Centre – Industry-driven innovation for fast-track CCS deployment




Dr. Mølnvik is Research Director for gas technology in SINTEF Energy Research, and Director of the Norwegian CCS Research Centre, NCCS, a centre of excellence funded by the Research Council of Norway and industry under the FME scheme. Mølnvik has worked with SINTEF since 1997, and holds a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from NTNU (1998). She has contributed to the evolvement of EERA CCS, further she has had various roles in the development of CCS-related EU-projects for two decades. She led the Centre of excellence, FME BIGCCS - International CCS Research Centre (2009-2016) to become one of the largest CCS R&D efforts worldwide. The potential impact of BIGCCS is documented in the Effect Study (December 2018) carried out by the Research Council of Norway to be several hundred million NOK.