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Degradation of PEM Fuel Cells - experience exchange and discussions
SINTEF Oslo, Norway, April 3rd + 4th 2013

Short summary/minutes of the workshop

Program PEMFC Degradation workshop, SINTEF OSLO room 4+5

Wednesday April 3rd  

12:00-13:00    Lunch (in the SINTEF canteen, reception will show you the way)
13:00-13:10    Coffee and welcome
13:10-13:45    Tour de table and short intro (2 slides) on the relevant projects
13:45-16:30    Topic 1 "Contaminants – H2 and air quality" (15 min pres + 10 min disc)
13:45-14:10    Thomas Martin, SolviCore:

Comparison lab test - field test, reversible - retrievable - irreversible decay, contaminants investigation.

14:10-14:35    Jorg Coolegem, Nedstack:

30,000 h operation of a 70 kW stationary PEM fuel cell system using hydrogen from a chlorine factory, effect of contaminants on FC performance

14:35-14:50    Coffee break
14:50-15:15    Jari Ihonen, VTT: 

Enrichment of impurities and inert gas in anode recirculation loop – experience from HyQ project and Finnish national projects.

15:15-15:40    Robert Alink, Fraunhofer ISE:

STAMPEM - degradation issues regarding mobile fuel cells

15:40-16:30    Discussions (+ refill coffee)
16:45-19:00    Topic 2 "Degradation mechanisms" (15 min pres + 10 min disc)
16:45-17:10    Sylvie Escribano, CEA:

Premium Act results on the degradation of PEMFC operated with reformate fuel (in-situ, ex-situ, single cells, stacks and post mortem)

17:10-17:35    Andrea Casalegno, POLIMI

Experimental and modelling analysis of DMFC degradation 

17:35-18:00    Nadine Jacobs, Next Energy

PEM degradation at Next Energy

18:00-18:15    Coffee break
18:15-19:00    Discussions

Thursday April 4th

09:00-13:00    Topic 3 "Diagnostics and AST protocols" (15 min pres + 10 min disc)
09:00-09:25    Kaushik Jayasayee, SINTEF:

AST protocol vs. real life operation and CO contamination

09:25-09:50    Laila Grahl-Madsen, IRD

Real-life experience obtained in during field test with hydrogen fuelled LT PEM µCHPs

09:50-10:10    Coffee break
10:10-10:35    Astrid Stadlhofer/Martin Geymayer, TU Graz

Results from KEEPEMALIVE 

10:35-11:00    Luis Colmenares, SINTEF<

Catalyst ex-situ degradation experiments/KEEPEMALIVE results

11:00-12:00    Discussions, intro lifetime prediction, George Tsotridis, JRC
12:00-13:00    Open discussions with lunch served, summary questionnaires
13:00 End



Published August 15, 2013