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Nedstack produces Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cells, the most versatile type of fuel cells available. Nedstack’s customers integrate these into systems to power various applications:

  • Backup electricity supply for telecom, rail and utilities, as a replacement for batteries. Fuel cells are environmentally friendly and have a very high reliability and life span
  • Continuous power supply for telecom base stations and radio towers in developing countries, to replace diesel generators. Fuel cells have low fuel and maintenance costs, and generate no noise or fine particles
  • Continuous energy supply in the chlorine, caustic soda and sodium chlorate industries through conversion of the by-product hydrogen
  • Electricity supply for electric city buses, as a replacement for diesel-powered vehicles, trolleys and trams.

Nedstack is the largest independent PEM fuel cell producer in Europe and the second worldwide. AkzoNobel started the development of fuel cells in 1989. This expertise was transferred to Nedstack when it started as an independent enterprise in 1998. Nedstack’s fuel cells have been in commercial operation since 2007. Nedstack now employs about 40 people.


PEM fuel cel stack

Published September 4, 2012