The Multiphase Flow Assurance Innovation Centre (FACE)

Make FACE a Centre
The main objective of the project “Making FACE a centre” is to generate a common foundation for understanding, communication, knowledge-sharing and prioritizing within the FACE centre.

The objectives are further explained as follows:

  • Create a team among the individuals from the 3 CRI partners
  • Develop a common understanding of the scientific status and challenges on complex fluids and experimentation and modelling of systems
  • Exploit the industrial knowledge base on flow assurance and complex fluids
  • Develop a stimulating forum for exchange of knowledge and innovation between the CRI partners and the industrial participants
  • Disseminate of results within the entire CRI
  • Take care of further development and updating FACE gap documents
  • Making FACE nationally and internationally renowned, based on our publications, national and international conference contributions and own seminar activities

Published December 11, 2007

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