The Multiphase Flow Assurance Innovation Centre (FACE)

FACE publication gets internationsl attention
A core activity in the Multiphase Flow Assurance and Innovation Centre (FACE) is the study of the impact of microscopic properties of surfaces and interfaces on the macroscopic behavior of fluids.

Among other factors this involves study of the interaction between surfactants such as asphaltenes and oil-water interfaces.  One of the most fundamental studies with regards to this in the FACE program is an activity where the numerical method called Lattice-Boltzmann Model (LBM) is used to model the behaviour of surfactants and interfaces. This modelling activity has produced data that gives new insight into the behaviour of surfactant and has resulted in publication of two articles in high impact factor journals: Rheologica Acta and The Journal of Chemical Physics. The publication in The Journal of Chemical Physics was regarded by the editor to be part of the top 20 % best articles submitted to the paper. This secured the authors and FACE a cover print in the edition of The Journal of Chemical Physics where the paper was printed (see below).

Published June 13, 2013

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