The Multiphase Flow Assurance Innovation Centre (FACE)

FACE attending IMCF 2010

Four papers were presented at the 7th international Conference on Multiphase Flow ICMF in Tampa, USA on the 4th of June 2010. The presence of scientists and students connected to the FACE center was thus significant. The four papers presented were:

“A Two-Way Coupled Reynolds Stress Model for Suspensions with Comparison to Experiment” – O. Skjaeraasen

“Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Dynamic Interfacial Tension due to Soluble Amphiphilic Surfactant” – R. Skartlien

“Influence of the Pipe Diameter in Dispersed Oil-Water Flows” – J. Plasencia

“Simulation of Oil/Water Interfacial Dynamics in the Presence of Surfactant, using the Lattice Boltzmann Approach” – R. Skartlien

Published September 9, 2010

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