Interdisciplinary Risk Assessment in Integrated Operations addressing Human and Organisational Factors


Integrated Operations
Integrated operations (IO) can be understood as new work practises in the petroleum industry that are based on information technology and digital infrastructure to enable concepts such as increased capture of offshore performance data; use of real-time data to monitor and manage operations across geographical and organisational borders; use of collaborative technology to link different actors in a more efficient and closer way; and access to expert knowledge.

Altogether these properties result in tighter integration of technology, data, competency, activities and organisations. The general belief is that these IO concepts will provide “better, faster and safer decisions”, thus resulting in reduced operational costs; longer life-span; and accelerated and increased production. However, new opportunities and challenges for risk assessment and risk management arise in this IO environment, which is explored in the RIO project.

More information about integrated operations can be found at the Center for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry.

Published March 5, 2010