Challenge 2018

PRINTCR3DIT contest presentation and goal

This European contest gives students and young researchers the opportunity to design and manufacture a chemical reactor that can be 3D printed and works for a simple and safe reaction. The most creative and educational reactor will be awarded.
The contest comes from the initiative of PRINTCR3DIT European H2020 Project consortium ( and aims at :

  • introducing the concept of 3D printing to chemical engineering education,
  • showing that 3D printing disruptive technologies can result in a new way of thinking the design of chemical reactors thus enhancing their capabilities (considering size, speed of chemical reactions,...)

Link to Leaflet contest 2018

rules and deadlines

Find here the Official contest rules


Current registration on PRINTCR3DIT Contest web page 

Final Submission deadline: May 31, 2018
YouTube film and description document will be downloaded on PRINTCR3DIT Challange web page 


The Jury will be made of a panel of academic and industrial members from different countries.


Projects will be judged using a point system based on 6 criterias: contestants will be evaluated based on design, creativity, feasibility in 3D printing, applicability for industrial use or education/teaching activities, safety and quality of explanations. Gender balance will be also considered in the evaluation.


One prize per level will be awarded to the best performing prototypes and widely advertised on European journals. All contestant will receive a certificate of participation.
Award will be an Ultimaker 2+printer, one of the advanced, accurate and reliable desktop 3D printers around.

For any further questions, please contact: