Beneq OY

Beneq Oy, founded in 2005, currently employs over 70 people in its headquarters in Vantaa, in clean room facilities in Espoo, Finland and in its sales offices in Germany, China and USA. In 2010, its turnover was approximately 10 million euros. The company is currently moving from piloting to industrial production.

Beneq Oy is an application-driven thin film equipment provider. Beneq explores and develops atomic layer deposition (ALD) and aerosol coating, nAERO® and nHALO® for high-end R&D and demanding industrial environments.

Since 2005, Beneq has launched ALD equipment for research, batch production and continuous industrial manufacturing. Applications and target industries include transparent conductive oxides (TCO), barriers and passivation layers, LED and OLED, surface strengthening and optical filters. Beneq also offers complete coating and development services to its customers; from process and equipment design to customer’s production line.

The main tasks attributed and previous experiences
Beneq will be participating on catalyst development with responsibility for coating fibrous catalyst supports with noble metal catalysts using their in house ALD coating infrastructure and experience. Beneq will also contribute on coating processes, mainly for porous current collectors where ALD has benefits of deep penetration and excellent coating coverage.

Annually, Beneq serves over 100 customers with more than 1000 separate runs, covering a wide array of coating applications, processes and tool set-ups. Topics addressed include barrier coatings for lighting and photovoltaics, thickness-tuned medical coatings, high-precision optical coatings and hightemperature resistant coatings for the petrochemical industry.

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Published March 11, 2013