NEXUS is a research project that has received support from SAMRISK II program of the Research for the period 2014 to 1st of July 2017. See research proposal and article in GEMINI. SAMRISK II program aims to "increase knowledge about threats, hazards and vulnerability, incidents can be prevented and strengthen crisis management, while fundamental human rights and privacy is protected."

NEXUS discusses "The next disaster. Collaboration, risk communication and action capacity in Norway after the 7/22 terror". The main goal of NEXUS is to assess the extent to which lessons from 22.07 attack has been traded for concrete measures to increase the security of society and preparedness.

NEXUS is controlled from NTNU / SINTEF with participants from NTNU/IØT, NTNU Social Research/Studio Apertura, SINTEF and Safetec. The project will be interviewing among others Ministry of Justice, The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), Police Directorate, County Emergency Managers, Police and key players in South Trøndelag and Western Finnmark.

Meeting schedule / Activities

Nexus "International Workshop / Seminar" in Trondheim (2015)

FFI-meeting: Knowledgedbased societal safety 2015.05.26

UiS/SEROS - The Annual Societal Safety Conference in Norway 2016

Nexus "International Workshop / Seminar" in Trondheim (2016)