nextgenFCmat - next generation fuel cell materials


nextgenFCmat is financed through the second call of the Northern European Innovative Energy Research Programme (N-INNER II) and will last for 3 years (2010-2013).

The N-INNER II programme was distributed in early 2009 with a total budget of €5.8 million, and received a total of 51 pre-proposals for the first round. Twelve of those pre-proposals were admitted to round two and was evaluated by an expert panel in Copenhagen over June 23-25. The following projects were selected to receive funding:

  • HIP NANOMEM: High permeance nano porous tubular zeolite membranes for efficient separation of CO2 and methanol at demanding conditions
  • EPFB: Efficient production of fuels from biomass
  • nextgenFCmat: Next generation fuel cell materials
  • NORLED: Northern Light Emitting Diode initiative

Participants in the N-INNER II call are the Academy of Finland (AoF), Research Council of Norway (RCN), Swedish Energy Agency (STEM), Danish Council for Strategic Research (DCSR), Projektträger Jülich (FZJ), Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) and Nordic Energy Research (NER). A third call is currently in the planning stage and is open to new participants.

This programme is a result of the participation of RCN, STEM, FZJ and NER in the European Research Network Project INNER ERA-NET.

For complete information about the programme and procedures see call text here.


Published November 22, 2010