New Strains


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A chapter on the impact of resilience on dynamic risk management in a recent book: Grøtan, T.O. & Paltrinieri, N. Dynamic risk management in the perspective of a resilient system. (In Paltrinieri, N. & Kahn, F. (eds). Dynamic Risk Analysis in the Chemical and Petroleum Industry: Dynamic Evolution and Interaction with Parallel Disciplines in the Perspective of Industrial Application. Butterworth-Heinemann (September 15, 2016))

At the ESREL 2016 conference in Glasgow September 25th -29th 2016 (, a New Strains Special Session will take place Wednesday 27th, comprising the following New Strains scientific papers:

  • Take it to the limits! An empirical strategy for exploring the new strains of society in terms of hidden, dynamic and emergent vulnerabilities. TO Grøtan, S Antonsen
  • Pandemic Landscape of New Strains of Society. Ø Dahl, A Øren
  • Scenario approaches as a means of handling emerging risks in society. EH Okstad
  • Calibrated resilience landscapes of composite protection; theoretical grounding of an empirical approach. TO Grøtan, J Bergström (Lund University, Sweden)
  • New Strains – The emergence of cyber physical vulnerabilities. S Johnsen

Published September 12, 2016