The main objectives of NanoPV are:

  1. To develop technologies that can increase the efficiency and reduce the processing cost of existing silicon solar cell technologies using nano-scale effects provided by nanomaterials to above 20% for wafer based and above 15 % for thin film silicon based solar cells at a processing cost for modules well below 1 €/watt.
  2. To design and to fabricate low cost solar cells entirely from nanomaterials by using nanostructures. An efficiency of above 10 % at processing costs well below 1€/watt is targeted with potential of further significant improvements in the future. 
  3. To develop up-scalable cost effective processes and equipment in order to implement both enhanced standard solar cells and solar cell based on nanomaterials as well as related modules to existing pilot and industrial lines.
  4. To create new market opportunities for the industrial partners.

Typical characteristics of CdSe quantum dots produced by UVEG team: luminescent suspensions of CdSe quantum dots of different diameters; absorption and luminescence spectra of these suspensions

Published April 6, 2011