CLAIRE is an initiative by European AI communities seeking to strengthen European excellence in AI research and innovation. To achieve this, CLAIRE has been established as a pan-European Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe. Being one of the largest networks of AI research groups and institutes in the world, CLAIRE has recently begun to work with key stakeholders from various application areas. This effort is guided by the five emerging mission areas of the EU’s “Horizon Europe” Framework Programme.

CLAIRE has several national offices and one of them is the CLAIRE office Norway/Nordics (contact email ). The main goal of the CLAIRE office in Norway is to help all Norwegian AI researchers to engage in AI research activities and collaborations across Europe through networking, project application (EU funded), innovation and industry cooperation.


AI4EU is the EU’s flagship AI project financed for three years under Horizon 2020 (20 M€) led by Thales. The goals are to mobilize the entire European AI community to make AI promises real for European society and economy, and to create a leading collaborative AI platform to nurture economic growth. In addition, the program plans how to increase private and public investments in AI, how to build the necessary competence, and take ethical aspects into account. The project has two yearly gatherings that are open for all. The AI4EU collaboration platform to be used by everyone in Europe, not just members. It is thought to be a tool for collaboration between AI researchers, developers and companies, and the goal is that it will become a one-stop-shop for European AI resources of high maturity and quality. In order to avoid garbage publications (including codes, data etc.), there is a scoring and rating system, and while the portal is open for everyone you have to register to use it.


The European Commission has launched the European AI Alliance as a forum of interaction between EU’s High-Level Expert Group on AI and the public. They are mainly focused on policy making and communication with the public. The forum is relevant in order to follow and affect the policy making, in particular with respect to regulations of the area. Privacy and GDPR are examples of subjects where AI research will be directly affected by policy making. Ieva Martinkenaite (from Telenor) is a Norwegian member of the High-Level Expert Group.